CPPGPGPU Library - Reference (Doxygen)

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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GLUTCoreGLUT Core Class
IndexDataIndex Data
ModelNodeModel Node, Just do a draw. Attaching children won't do much good
NodeBasic node, these are like smart pointers to NodeObjects
NodeManagerFull Node Manager, access using NODEMAN
NodeManager::StringPair[Internal] Structure to hold all message data pairs
NodeManager::StringPairFloat[Internal] Structure to hold all information regarding active, waiting messages
NodeObjectBase Class for All Nodes
OBJModelWavefront OBJ Model
RFBufferRender / Frame Buffer
RFBufferNodeHigh Level Render/Framebuffer Object Node
ShaderBasic element for turning shaders on and off
ShaderNodeHigh Level Shader Node
TextureElement for setting texture states in OpenGL
TextureNodeHigh Level Texture Node
TextureSetNodeHigh Level Multitexture Node
TransformNodeTransformation Node, applied to all children
VertexDataVertex Buffer Object

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